Our Team

Parra & Co prides itself in its human capital and one of our core values is to be A SPECIAL PLACE TO BELONG. Here are the people that make Parra & Co amazing!

Elsi Parra is a majority partner and co-founder of Parra & Co and serves as its President. She manages the day-to-day operations of the company including financials, administration, marketing, human resources, and internal communications. Mrs. Parra enjoys analyzing, understanding, and solving business-specific problems.

As the president of Parra & Co, Mrs. Parra oversees the internal teams and solidly have them run smoothly when delivering our services: Project Management, Construction Administration, Construction Inspection, Civil Engineering, Owner’s Representative, Operations & Training, Troubleshooting, Management Consulting. Mrs. Parra leads a team which started in a San Antonio, TX office and within five years has now expanded to have a project office in Houston, TX and a satellite office in Laredo, TX as well. She has gathered a staff of Texas Professional Engineers (P.E.), “A” licensed Water and Wastewater Operators, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Accredited Professionals, Project Managers, and Engineers in Training.

In her role as president, she makes a point for the firm that excellence, not average, is the measure she relies on. Mrs. Parra knows how to play her part in ensuring that the team is always aware of our commitment to being of service to our clients to the highest degree possible. Continuously raising the bar, she understands that a strong, confident team translates into high efficiency and top performance. Under her guidance, the Parra & Co team strives to transform “strong” into “superb”, representing our client’s best interests at all times.

With a Journalism and Financial background, she makes it her duty to emphasize the importance of effective business dialogue. Mrs. Parra brings with her entrepreneurial experience, as well, having opened and managed two businesses, prior to co-funding Parra & Co. This experience taught her the importance of resilience, visualization, excellent communication, and management skills that would later on assist her into successfully serving as Parra & Co’s president.

Mrs. Parra is fluent in English and Spanish. She is a graduate from Cornell University’s Accounting Certificate Program (2020), holds a Master’s in Business Administration from University of St Thomas, Cameron School of Business (2002), and a bachelor’s degree in Communication from Universidad del Zulia (1994).