Our Team

Parra & Co prides itself in its human capital and one of our core values is to be A SPECIAL PLACE TO BELONG. Here are the people that make Parra & Co amazing!

Eduardo Millán assists in the preparation of drawings and specifications of plans and documents, keeping up to date in the latest software technology available for his presentations. He makes a point to deliver visually aesthetic solutions that are functional and easy to understand. Mr. Millan has been part of projects that include master planning, commercial developments, residential developments, as well as municipal transit projects.

Mr. Millán is a graduate Civil Engineer with over 8 years of experience. He comes with a background experience in Construction, Industrial, Oil & Gas. Mr. Millán is familiar with project management, planning, design, and project closeout. His strength areas are design, strategic planning, and innovation. Mr. Millán has performed multiple leadership roles in the past which involved strategic planning and idea innovation geared towards decision making processes that provide value and efficient use of resources, delivering quality results in the shortest possible times.

Mr. Millán is fluent in English and Spanish. He completed a Diplomate on Business Development and Innovation at Universidad Externado de Colombia (2015) and holds a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Universidad del Zulia (2009).