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Say goodbye to:

· Expensive build-outs

· Wasted resources

· Poor communication

· Delays and loss of momentum

We get it— There’s a lot at stake for your project

At Parra & Co, we understand the frustration of any ineffective use of your time and resources which results in expensive build-outs and delays of your project. 

Each of our Project Managers has more than 20 years of experience and our staff comprises Licensed Professional Engineers, Economists, LEED Accredited Professionals, and Project Engineers. 

We recognize that building on schedule and on budget starts with a solid design that will set your project apart in functionality and aesthetics.

Civil Engineering Solutions

If you are looking for assistance with Plats in San Antonio, look no further! We have all the information you need to get started. 

With an approval rate of 100%, our dedicated team at Parra & Co navigates the nuances of San Antonio’s platting procedures with precision and professionalism. From initial concept to final approval, we manage every step, ensuring your project meets all municipal criteria while aligning with your development goals.

At Parra & Co, we understand the complexities and nuances of platting and land development in San Antonio. That’s why we’re offering a complimentary case review to help you start on solid ground.

Our team offers end-to-end services for designing sustainable and resilient transit facilities, such as bus stations and park-and-rides, alongside expert grant application services. We ensure eco-friendly, durable infrastructure that meets regulatory standards and optimizes costs, all while enhancing community sustainability and maximizing grant acquisition chances through tailored applications.

We design systems to mitigate flood risks and enhance urban resilience. Our integrated solutions include green infrastructure such as bioswales, permeable pavements, and rain gardens, alongside advanced water retention technologies like detention ponds and infiltration basins. These systems are engineered to improve water quality, promote groundwater recharge, and ensure efficient water conveyance. Our designs focus on sustainability and compliance with local codes, aiming to provide resilient infrastructure that supports environmental stewardship and meets the community’s evolving needs.

Parra & Co delivers efficient water and wastewater management services to foster thriving communities. Our services include the design and implementation of water lines, distribution systems, lift stations, and water plants, focusing on efficiency and resilience to ensure reliable potable water transport. Our approach incorporates hydraulic analysis, materials selection, and system redundancy to accommodate growth and maintain service continuity. For wastewater, we design scalable infrastructure using advanced techniques that support sustainable development. From project inception to completion, our team ensures compliance with environmental standards and local codes, enhancing water conservation and stewardship.

We specialize in resolving foundation and drainage issues in educational buildings, offering tailored solutions for improved drainage systems to ensure safety and structural integrity. Our team supports educational facilities’ expansions in Central and South Texas, focusing on sustainable, timely-completed projects that cater to growing student numbers and create optimal learning environments.

We deliver expert design and project management for commercial and residential buildings, focusing on functional, sustainable, and cost-effective construction. Our tailored approach ensures each vertical facility meets unique client needs, including space optimization and energy efficiency, while upholding the highest safety and resilience standards. Parra & Co is dedicated to enhancing living and working environments through integrated and sustainable solutions.

Parra & Co’s project management services ensure that projects stay on schedule, within budget, and meet all quality standards through a holistic and adaptive approach. We begin with a strategic task allocation among sub-consultants to leverage specialized expertise effectively, ensuring cohesive project development. Our process includes providing a designated single point of contact for the client and developing a Project Management Plan (PMP) through meticulous planning, which we adhere to throughout the project, supported by tools such as real-time tracking. Regular status meetings and transparent communication facilitate seamless integration of services and stakeholder engagement, culminating in the successful completion of projects.

Our expertise lies in turning undeveloped land into functional, sustainable areas, guiding projects from due diligence through to construction. We provide a suite of services including site assessments, design, permitting, and infrastructure development, with a focus on efficient land use, environmental protection, and cost-effectiveness. Our engineering team works collaboratively to create resilient foundations and systems, leading to thriving communities that blend seamlessly with the environment.

Parra & Co works closely with clients to create master plans focused on sustainable, resilient community development. We conduct thorough sustainability and cost analyses to ensure plans meet long-term goals. Our detailed approach includes smooth regulatory interactions for faster approvals, optimizing land use, transportation, and infrastructure for efficient urban growth. With over 130 years of collective experience, our team delivers plans that exceed expectations and enhance community prosperity.

What We Deliver


We listen to your needs, design a plan, and meet early with regulatory agencies on your behalf, creating dialog that fosters faster permitting approval.


We consider multiple alternatives and analyze the time and cost impact to your project delivery.


You will be assigned one point-of-contact who will provide regular updates that are concise and easy to understand. You work one on one with a pro so we can guarantee your project will be made a priority.

At Parra & Co, we know that you want to have a positive impact on your community. To do that, you need a team of experts that understand the relationships between all of the critical factors that contribute to successful civil engineering projects while at the same time emphasizing the importance of attention to technical detail. 

If a design is not meticulous, the delays can be costly, both in time and money. We believe that all projects – both big and small – deserve a team that provides excellence.


1. Facilitation: We engage deeply with our clients to comprehend their vision, needs, and financial parameters. This forms the basis of our discussions with regulatory agencies.

2. Efficiency: We analyze sustainability and resiliency opportunities for projects as well as the cost impact of different  alternatives.

3. Collaboration: We provide you with regular updates that are concise and easy to understand, and we incorporate your feedback at every step.

So set up a discovery call today, so, you can stop wasting resources and losing momentum and instead be recognized for your achievements and applauded by our community.

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